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Why social media is an important channel for medium-sized companies today:

To date, Facebook is the largest digital community on the Internet with over 2.7 billion users worldwide.

Of these, 1.75 are daily active users. Although one might often hear in their own circle that the number of active users has decreased, in the end it is rather  a shift of the users to the platform Instagram or other platforms owned by Facebook. Facebook is therefore still an important advertising platform for every entrepreneur.

As a company, you can therefore attract attention for your brand, advertise your service(s) or market your products directly. But there are three more good reasons why a presence for companies makes sense.

First: Facebook is a very good platform to recruit new employees. Here you can place job applications very well.

Secondly: Companies that technically integrate their services or products ensure that customers are seen by their network when interacting with your company's offer. This has a recommendation effect that ensures that other users talk about it.

Thirdly: The Integration between Facebook, its Messenger and Instagram now offers companies the opportunity to serve an entire platform infrastructure centrally via the Facebook Ads Page Manager with one ad campaign. This represents a cost advantage, because you only have to create and play out campaigns in one system.

However, before you start with your Facebook venture you should consider the following things.

First: You should be clear about the goals you want to achieve with your social media project.

Second: You should, in advance, define the target group you want to reach and check how large your target group is on Facebook using the advertising time manager.

Third: Develop a copy strategy that defines your company's tone and core message for the social media space.

Fourth: Develop a do's and don'ts list for your social media communications so you have a set of rules for the social media team.

Fifth: Get started - You learn by jumping in at the deep end.

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